Fast Doom

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Re: Fast Doom

Post by CIA_agent »

I once was messing with Decorate and set the tic duration to 1 for everything. The results were scary..
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Re: Fast Doom

Post by Rowsol »

NeuralStunner wrote:
Rowsol wrote:Is this file not plug and play? I got numerous errors on map01 so I warped to map02 where I got no errors but I couldn't flip the first switch.
Huh, I had an errant comma in there. No idea why it worked fine when I tested it. :?

I just reuploaded it with a fix, so it should be alright.

Hey, Doomenator uploaded a video of this. Neato.
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Re: Fast Doom

Post by NeuralStunner »

Okie dee, I think the last of the issues with the xlat micro mod are fixed.

You may not realize how frustratingly slow plats can be until you use this. :P

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