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Re: Volatile

Post by Nems »

Absolutely digging those screenshots. I'm eager to play this whenever it comes out. <3
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Re: Volatile

Post by Nightfall »

JohnnyTheWolf wrote:How complete is the mapset? Can you give us a rough estimate?
Level geometry is mostly in place. Thing placement is the main issue right now. Not sure what kind of percentage that equates to but I'd say around 80%. I want to get this out by summer.
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Re: Volatile

Post by Fabricator »

For whatever reason this set popped into my head randomly the other day, haha!

Scrolling thru the screenies again after a couple of years and still gotta echo the similiar statements already shared - this is looking absolutely mental!
Definitely on my "must-play" list when you eventually drop this. :)
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Re: Volatile

Post by Rudiarius »


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