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We already have ProjectilePassHeight, where a hitbox for an actor can be modified so that projectiles can, well, pass through at different heights. This is a really cool and useful feature, since it can not only make decorative objects able to be shot through with projectiles but you can also make an enemy slightly easier to hit with projectiles.
Would it be possible to get a variation for radius as well?

One thing I'm doing with DemonSteele and a couple other mods in development is experimenting with the player's hitbox--since every enemy uses projectiles, having a narrower and smaller hitbox is vital for being able to dodge and weave through things. It's that old kind of arcade-y fun you'd get in shmups.
HOWEVER, having a smaller hitbox also allows the player to slip through into areas they really shouldn't. It also breaks some maps with voodoo scripting, since barrels exploding can sometimes miss the voodoo doll, or sometimes conveyor belts don't push the doll far enough, or etc.

Being able to modify the player's projectile hitbox with ProjectilePassHeight is wonderful, but having a modifiable ProjectilePassRadius would mean I could restore the player's hitbox to normal and make sure they can still dodge and weave through projectiles.
It'd also open up an avenue for lots of other interesting enemy behavior, such as enemies that are easier/harder to hit with projectiles, or decorative objects in maps that can be shot through like with hitscans.
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Re: ProjectilePassRadius

Post by Xaser »

Seconding this only because it's relevant not only to DemonSteele but also to a potential gameplay mod idea I may or may not execute at some point.

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