how to install Gzdoom on Windows Phone 10!

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how to install Gzdoom on Windows Phone 10!

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<!> WARNING <!> This is only for windows phone insiders preview, and it doesn't work at all (sectors are not rendered), but, it's there for testing
<!> WARNING <!> I will not be responsible for any damage to the device if the user wants to test this unconventional method
Hey guys, I'm gonna show you guys a tutorial about how to run gzdoom on windows 10 mobile.

1)Get Doom Touch APK (android)
3)Activate Developer Mode on settings
4)Allow Search Device, and then pair with APKTOW10M
5)drag and drop Doom touch on APKTOW10M and then Install.
Now the "Hard Part"
6)Save your IWAD in internal Pictures Storage.
7)Create an shortcut to C:\ and save it into your phone memory
8)open the short cut and you'll be at windows phone root,
9)Goto C:\Data\Users\Public\Pictures
10)Select y our iwad and use the move to or copy to option.
11) press the key up icon, untill you reach the Users Folder
12) Now navigate to DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\mnt\shell\emulated\0\Beloko\Doom\DEMO\Doom\FULL and press ok here to drop your iwad on Doom Touch Folder.

And now you're ready to run gzdoom on windows phone :p

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