Good Strife Mods?

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Good Strife Mods?

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Once again its been around 3 years since I was really FULLY active on the forums, were any really good strife mods released between 2012 to now? Did they ever find the lost Source code? Was the Sigil ever found to be replaceable without fucking up the entire game
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Re: Good Strife Mods?

Post by TheMightyHeracross »

Weapons of Rebellion- Gameplay mod
Strife Deathmatch- DM Maps, two player classes (Rebels/Acolytes)
Simple Strife- Gameplay mutator
Haze's Strife- Gameplay mod
Strife: Absolute Order- 6-map hub

EDIT: No Strife source code, but Veteran Edition was released, based off of Chocolate Strife.
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Re: Good Strife Mods?

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I forgot about that thing i made.

*Gets to updating to make it better at my current knowledge level*

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