10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

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Re: 10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

Post by CopperBoltwire »

m8f wrote:I think it isn't possible. The problem is in RGF_NOSIGHT flag for A_RadiusGive action function. It seems that Zandronum doesn't support it. This flag is needed for giving all monsters a particular item that adds monsters to spawn queue.
If there is another way to give an item to all monsters on a map, then Zandronum support may be possible. If you know any, please share. Or we have to wait until this flag is available in Zandronum.
And if no one requests that being supported, it will never actually be added.
But seeing how borked the GZDoom netcode is compared to Zandronum, i guess i'll be requesting this for everyone here...
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Re: 10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

Post by nakkemake »

"Out of bounds memory access in ACS VM"

Doesn't work with borderdoom it seems :(
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Re: 10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

Post by m8f »

I think Borderdoom has nothing to do with this. Try the fixed version of 10x Universal from here: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=48872&start=30#p1049904
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Re: 10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

Post by CopperBoltwire »

Sorry for the bump, but as discussed with a moderator of the forums, this was the best course of action.

I'm bumping this thread/mod in hopes that someone might want to pickup this mod and expand upon it with the following features to make it TRULY universal:
  • Black List
  • Black List Targeted
  • White List
  • White List Targeted
Before i explain a bit more, i feel the need to elaborate on the following:
There is a lot of mods out there that employ scripted scenes and monsters that, on specific maps, can break the scripts and thereby the maps or, monsters that are immortal.
Example is the game Hedon that uses GZDoom as the base port engine for the game.
I tried to use 10x with this mod, HOWEVER there is a few immortal "monsters" (or "actors"??) that stops the player from progressing through the game because these monsters are immortal and does a crap load of damage, to name a few issues. Later in the story, you have to dodge some floating lady, and touching her (or her touching the player) means instant death.
However, this "lady" is made 10x as per the mod, and THAT is the problem because these extra entities are NOT locked to the script that controls the map and the lady, and instead they directly seek out the player on the map the moment the player is within view, and in this sequence the player does not have any weapons. And even if the player is given weapons, these entities are scripted to be immortal so in other words, the map cannot be completed and skipping the map is NOT an ideal solution... In fact, I'd call it a lazy solution.
Hedon is a game perfect as a slaughter fest type deal, but because of some rather annoying scripted monsters and scenes, this game + 10x mod don't work... UNLESS...

((Just to be clear, monsters are called actors, right????))

Black list (Overwritten by the "White list Targeted")
Any creature on this list are exempt from this mod, and will appear in default amounts as per game/mod.
For instance, if you blacklist pinkies because you might hate having to deal with them in droves, adding them to this list means they never get duplicated.
Yes, they still exists, but only in normal amounts as per game/mod.

Black List Targeted (Overwrites the generalized "White List")
Sometimes you want to blacklist a single creature like pinkies, on a specific map, in a specific mod.
For instance/example: In Mod "ZZZZZZZZZZ", map e1m8 there might be a cutscene that requires a single pinkie from Doom to die as part of the cutscene, but if there is multiple pinkies, the extra pinkies might mess up the cutscene and soft-lock the game in a cutscene because the extra "free" pinkies killed the spellcaster who was meant to kill the original pinkie.
Being able to blacklist pinkies from being duplicated in the map e1m7 of mod ZZZZZZZZZZ, allows the game to play out without a problem and the player can progress the story of the game and continue the utterly insanely fun slaughter fest they called upon themselves.

White List
Maybe there is a mod that has a creature that normally are exempt from being duplicated because scripting reasons.
Adding the creature to this list might attempt to overwrite this behavior 2-5 seconds after the creature is created in the map, as sort of soft-override if you will.
Allowing for some creatures to be duplicated after all, but without guarantee.
I can't think of much of an example other then i remember that people have talked about some mods creating "creatures" via scripts and aren't actually defined per se in the files but rather are just a hobgosh-slap-together creature made specifically for the map and that moment the script is called upon. Being able to even target these creatures could be nice.

White List Targeted
Let's say you blacklisted pinkies from ever being duped, but there is this one special map in the mod ZZZZZZZZZ where killing hundreds of pinkies is just the itch you crave, so here you can add the map of the mod and the creature of which gets whitelisted and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a slaughter fest.
Maybe map e2m3 of mod ZZZZZZZZZ is populated with 60 pinkies normally and only a very few other creatures. So it would make sense to be able to white list (and override the blacklist) the pinkies in just this map to have the most amount of fun possible and leaving the map painted red.

2(+) Mod combos 10x works perfectly with:
Too many shotguns
Russian overkill (This seems like a no brainer to me, considering the overpowered nature of the weapons...)
There is more mods out there with over powered weapons and 10x is perfect balance and excuse for these mods to exists.

I hope, with this wall of text, i might have convinced somone to expand upon this mod to allow monsters to be added to black/white lists and make this mod TRULY universal, as it claims.

As it is, the mod is toooo effective at what it does, and thus makes the mod LESS universal as it breaks maps/mods, but adding the lists, allows a sort of compatibility to be introduced into the mod. And thus, while very effective, allows a bit more control, and allows people to apply it to any mod (with a bit of tweaking ofc) and enjoy this mod in it's TRUE form.

But as it is right now, it's quite limited to what mods/map-packs can be paired with 10x.
So, Hopefully someone will take the time to expand this mod to allow for some true carnage and a minor counterbalance to OP weapons mods or rather, an excuse to play with Russian Overkill for instance.

Don't forget to look at page 3 for the "Update/fix" someone made to this mod...
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Re: 10x Universal - Spawn Queue!

Post by CopperBoltwire »

As i understand it with this mod, monsters are given an item, which then tells a script to duplicate the monster x amount of times.
The black/whitelists would just tell the script handing out the items who are allowed and not allowed to get this time. and the Targeted would be much more specific.
Targeting individual groups or rooms of a map is, (as far as i have read in other threads) quite damn hard, unreliable and damn near impossible.

My suggestion with the various black/white lists allows for a generalized approach and allows the mod to be used with games/mods that, for instance, has scripted scenes.
sometimes, blacklisting a creature on specific map, from a specific mod is all that's needed instead of either skipping the map (lazy approach) or disabling the mod for an entire map (Lazy and possibly crash-happy approach)

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