"Display driver stopped working and has recovered"

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Re: "Display driver stopped working and has recovered"

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No bloax, sometimes even a clean format will be the last tool to fix the problem, I was relutant to format it, I battle my drivers for 5 months, ofc I already tried everything like:Tools for removing drivers (a good driver manufactures woudln't require an external tool for remove their drivers in 2015...), regedit cleaners (even manually cleaning), many tries installing alot kind of drivers,... Still, nothing worked fine, untill I formated that beast (Actually, I changed from hdd to ssd so it was required).

and I know very well, dealing with AMD drivers on a notebook where you have an intel gpu is a hunters game, you always must be carefull to not screw everything...
A company that can't make proper drivers, have poor support for games, I'll not lie this week I got pissed with project cars, my dedicated video card was getting the SAME performance that my intel hd4000 got with the game (and I know witch one I'm using, I even used msi afterburner to be shure that gpu1 was at 100% with using amd and gpu2 was at 100% when using intel gpu)...

Short resume: if you are getting a notebook with intel processor and amd discrete gpu, be ready to join the driver madness, bad game support, "Driver Stopped working and has recovered" in random moments and sometimes your screen brigth control just not working. or be happy for getting a cheap and nice gpu for a notebook

EDIT: I'll not lie, I really want to upgrade for windows 10, but I'm also afraid about that drivers rage game...

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