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Re: Wishlists

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Ddin't like Cookie Clicker and its clones? That's fine. They're not much more than time wasters anyway. Candy Box is where it's at, the spiritual idea behind what Spore SHOULD have been- evolving gameplay the longer you play it.
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Re: Wishlists

Post by Jeimuzu73 »

A political version of the Jerry Springer/Maury/Steve Wilkos show starring celebrities and politicians who are humiliated by the audience.
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Re: Wishlists

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M134 Minigun
A much better computer to do Blender shit with
The tiniest bit of confidence to get a fuckin' job
IDK that's probably my list for now.
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Re: Wishlists

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Minigunner wrote:M134 Minigun
I laughed.

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