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All things, sounds, actions, weapons defined in external text files, with no hacks to make dehacked work. Just raw unbridled editablity :D But then some kind of low level game logic script would be needed to make new actions/define the existing ones.

Portal engine... some moving sectors would be nice after all these years.

Not a lot really :D

[i didnt realise the thread was 7 pages long. sorry if I repeated anything]
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Re: Blood, I want differant coloured blood! :-D

Post by Carnevil »

Hirogen2 wrote:
Carnevil wrote: I don't think Randy is interested in a port that adds data (levels, skins, etc.) to the game.
Yes right, but the code parts. ("I do not need the skulltag levels to make one")
Oh, yeah. I plan to give Randy the source when I'm done with 95b.
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Cause I think if ST code goes into ZDoom, lots of "ST" can be dropped, as it already is in ZDoom.
So ATM, "a skulltag compatible package" is ZDoom+ST making about 1500KB compressed (counting EXEs only).
After they joined I assume a package size of max.1000KB. (I doubt there is sooooo much new ST C++ code).

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