12 gauge dragons breath fire ammo, feels like Doom!

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Re: 12 gauge dragons breath fire ammo, feels like Doom!

Post by Hellser »

Pistol and rifle rounds in various of types of Shotgun modifications. Be it shells or even straight up adapters for break action (think the SSG) shotguns - yep.

When I mean by wide range of accuracy is that; some rounds are pretty accurate while others just fly out into nowhere. A vast majority in the bushcraft and preppers community all agree if you can only have one shotgun; get a single (or two) shot break action. I'd suspect that these round adapters won't - or don't like being chambered by a pump action. Not saying they can't, but for safety reasons.

Note: The two links I provided goes to websites that deals with these sort of things. Also note, I'm not PART of those two community. I just watch for entertainment.
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Re: 12 gauge dragons breath fire ammo, feels like Doom!

Post by amv2k9 »

maseter wrote:Here is FPSRussia firing a Remington model 878 with dragons breath ammo, which makes it shoot fire! This feels like straight out of Doom, so which modder do i bother to make this weapon mod happen? :)
Trailblazer's Chrome Justice does that when you run it in Strife, because the Chrome Justice's projectiles deal fire damage and Strife defines its own states for fire deaths.

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