[ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

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[ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

Post by Arctangent »

Inspired by a single gif from the Spriting Carnival, this'll be an attempt at a mod where you raise your own demons.

Currently, there's no actual play to it, but I do have a hud element that lets you watch a random demon wiggle around on your screen.

Currently there's only a cacodemon, demon, and revenant, and which one you're assigned is random upon starting up a map ( you don't keep it between maps ). Both of these will likely be changed upon deciding what direction to take this, but for now enjoy a hud elemental that'll hopefully endear itself to you.
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Re: [ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

Post by Ozymandias81 »

This idea remember me of this old Skulltag mod.
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Re: [ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

Post by Tapwave »

How about using CVARs to make it persistent, and feed it things like ammo, armor, powerups and such? Maybe make it give you bonuses if you do enough of task X with it?
Or making monsters give you chunks when they die, and you can feed those chunks to your pet?
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Re: [ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

Post by scalliano »

I instinctively read the ttitle as Demonpachi :P

Sounds like a fun mod all the same!
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Re: [ VERY WIP ] - "Demongatchi" ( Tentative Name )

Post by raymoohawk »

hope it goes trough, this sound cute and fun :)

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