Brutal Wolfenstein 3D 6.0-"Confrontation" Update!

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Re: Brutal Wolfenstein 3D 6.0-"Confrontation" Update!

Post by Ninlhil »

ZioMcCall wrote: Tue Mar 14, 2023 1:03 pm
Ninlhil wrote: Thu Mar 02, 2023 12:26 pm Does anyone know what the Black Key from E6M10 is for?
For a door in E6M8 that was meant to lead to a second secret level.It will in v7.0 though.
For a matter of fact,the black key will be a secret item in every episode in the next update,which will allow player to open the secret black door containing the Golden Luger.
Ah ha. Cool
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Re: Brutal Wolfenstein 3D 6.0-"Confrontation" Update!

Post by Caleb26 »

Is there a chance you could add my Wolfendoom: Lost Episodes addon and eventually Spear Revisited? Of course feel free to modify them even more including maps.

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