Re: Ashes 2063 TC - Goodies and 1.15 update packs

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Re: Re: Ashes 2063 TC - Goodies and 1.15 update packs

Postby Vostyok » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:20 pm

Wow, thank you for your kind words! It really makes this all worth it when you guys give such positive feedback.

You'll happy to know that pretty much all of your points of improvement are being added into episode 2. I'm spending quite a bit of time specifically working on some new ranged enemies, as well as a new way of using the solar lantern. Returning to town is also an option, as the maps are being set up in a hub structure similar to Hexen or Strife.

Some weapons and enemies are getting new mechanics as well, the sawed off shotgun and machine pistol for example are receiving new altfires for added usefulness, and the town's are receiving new things you can spend your junk on.

Lastly, I am honoured you joined just to comment. Christmas has been pretty busy for me, kinda like an actual enforced vacation, but I'm busy working away and will hopefully be posting some news by mid February.
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Re: Re: Ashes 2063 TC - Goodies and 1.15 update packs

Postby Gideon020 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:47 pm

Will there be any new kit-bashed weapons in the future?
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Re: Re: Ashes 2063 TC - Goodies and 1.15 update packs

Postby Vostyok » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:19 am

Gideon020 wrote:Will there be any new kit-bashed weapons in the future?

Yes and yes.

A couple of new weapons are coming in the next release. One is a pre-war military rifle, as previously requested by pretty much everyone :P
The other is a bit more... Jury-rigged. I'm not giving anything away about it yet, since I'm still thinking of which of the two designs I'm settling on. To get it, you'll need to find specific junk items and build it yourself. But whichever version I decide on, it will be a godsend for those big mutant hordes you ran into before...

Oh, plus there will be workbenches and purchaseable attachments. So there is that as well.
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Re: Re: Ashes 2063 TC - Goodies and 1.15 update packs

Postby RSSwizard » Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:19 pm

Just Beat ashes last night and I wanna say DAMN that was fun. I was worried I was going to have to drag that motorcycle everywhere.
Underground Tunnels were EPIC KINO (I wanna replay it now)
Radiated City jumping between ledges was EPIC KINO

I also enjoyed the final boss and the way the .50cal machinegun was actually able to deplete cover. It was a challenging fight, though I think you need to reduce the generals' painchance against shotguns so it only stuns him as much as the master blaster. It was too easy to stun him and interrupt his attacks using the shotgun.

One change id like to suggest is making the Machine Pistol use a different kind of ammunition than the glock Pistol. Kinda like the Pistol uses 9mm but the Machine Pistol uses .380acp. Until I noticed the ammo for the Machine Pistol had the same amount as the glock Pistol I had been assuming that they didnt share ammo and I should use the MP wisely when backed into a corner.
(this idea comes from experience playing Silent Hill 3 and Resident Evil 2. In Silent Hill 3 you get the pistol early on and later in brookhaven you get the Uzi, but they do not use the same ammunition and the only ammo pickups for the Uzi are uzi clips with 32 rounds each, they are kinda rare and you're supposed to use it on the final boss or when you're in real trouble. In Resident Evil 2 the Uzi didn't even have its own ammo, it just came with a percentage rating because its assumed the 2 Slots it takes up are the weapon and its pile of clips)
(having had experience with that, and because this is a harsh survival game, I figured it was to be expected that the Machine Pistol is a rare ammo weapon for emergency uses)

It wouldn't be much work to do it
Take the current bulk pistol ammo pickup and change its ammo type to ".32caliber" or ".380acp" or whatever you want to name it internally.
Give it a sprite like a couple of Uzi magazines.
This makes all bulk pistol ammo pickups now provide ammo for the machine pistol only.
...Now make a new bulk pistol ammo item using its existing sprite that provides glock pistol ammo, and go through the first ~couple maps or so and replace all of the (now MP clips pickups) with the new bulk pistol ammo item so that the player doesnt end up grabbing a bunch of MP ammo too early.

(the "ashes weapons in other games" aspect of the mod can be left unchanged for compatability with other mods and doom maps, this tweak is just for ashes itself)

Generally by the last ~2 levels thugs are going to give you enough glock Pistol ammo to make it usable. Here and there in the later maps you could replace one of the MP ammo pickups with a glock pistol bulk ammo pickup if you wanted that weapon to remain topped off, IMO its only necessary for flavor and consistency not necessarily balance.

Light Pistol is obsolete at that point because its more effective to blow through all 6 of the revolver, then switch to the shotgun. Both guns have 70+ reserve ammo and there are alot of Shotgun Shell Box pickups too so there's no worries dumping it.

Compared to Doom weapon balance I guess its like saying the doom pistol becomes obsolete, but in ashes when it comes to ammo availability by that point you should have more than enough, and the melee options are quite effective and impressive. And there are enough Hard enemies in the maps (ahem, ghosts) that there's nothing bad about skipping enemies and simply avoiding them, in some cases like the Underground Tunnels you will miss enemies regardless because of dropping off a ledge you cant climb back up.

graphical effect suggestion:
The "ghosts" or whatever the hell they are shoot those purple psionic orbs.
But the way the orbs are drawn with the tail behind them is abit clunky because there's little variation in it.
The suggestion I have for it is to make it kinda like the Vore Firepods from Quake where the trail is a bunch of little purple sparkles.

Make the trail spawnitem be TNT1A invisible, and for 1 tic all it does is spawn like 3-7 particle objects in a random distribution (x and y).
Each of those objects is just a small sprite with the same colors as the orb.
And during each frame of their decay (4-7 tics long maybe) you can do something like A_SETSCALE(scalex-0.05,scaley-0.05), and A_FADEOUT(0.15)
to make them get smaller and wink out while also fading too.

If you're using native doom assets you could do a TRANSLATE on them to change the colors to match the Orb. The best candidates I think are either the final frame of the Plasma Ball impacts (which is a bright round ball about 7px wide), PUFFA0, or one of the small teleporter twinkles at the end of the teleporter fog animation.
Otherwise you could even repurpose one of the new Bullet Puff frames and shrink it down alot while applying a TRANSLATE.
Or even take the psionic orb sprite itself and shift its scale way down.
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