Dark DooM - Horror MODS recopilation for GzDooM

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Re: Dark DooM - Horror MODS recopilation for GzDooM

Post by YukiHerz »

I'm loving this, it can get really atmospheric, but the flashlight makes my craptop crawl (So i made a little addon that binds a simplier single light lantern to the player)

A salute to all those who worked hard on the mods here compiled, and Naitguolf for compiling it.
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Re: Dark DooM - Horror MODS recopilation for GzDooM

Post by Naitguolf »

SidDoyle wrote:But then again, it's barely 5 lines long (or somewhere there about). :P Glad to see instead that it has been incorporated into a horror compilation that I must now download and try for myself. I'll offer my input after I've had a chance to soak up the atmosphere. :)
Thanks. Yeah, your scrip, maybe its just 5 lines long, but makes wonders with them :) Do you think if its possible to add an option menu so players can change it on the fly how dark they want to play? Also, an option to make dark the sky or not.

I think is time to start to learn decorate...
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Re: Dark DooM - Horror MODS recopilation for GzDooM

Post by SouthernLion »

Naitguolf wrote:
xenoxols wrote:It's impossible to feel scared when you are so powerful, and know exactly what you are dealing with.
Well, if you are on mood, you can try to play E2M6. Thtat map, to me, is very scary. And with some dark, the flashlight, the brightmaps... whoa :)

Also, hope you guys can recommend wads that plays great this this! Slaughter maps probably dont work. Of course, something beign scary is very subjetive. Usually I play with this by night, with earphones, alone. Revisiting old maps you know with this is an excelent experience. At last, to me, that I want to share. Expecially with Episodes 1,2 and 3.
E2M6 has always been scary to me, even to this day with mad skills I get this anxiety attack like apprehension when doing that level. One of my favorite OG maps.

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