[WIP] GORE: Horde of Titans - Now on GitHub

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Re: [WIP] GORE: Horde of Titans - Now on GitHub

Post by Captain J »

And i think this necrobump somehow resurrected this thread well. Alright, faith gained!
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Re: [WIP] GORE: Horde of Titans - Now on GitHub

Post by WARCHILD_89 »

Ozymandias81 wrote:
WARCHILD_89 wrote:hehe. looks like you used the story of the falling angels as inspiration for "Horde of Titans?"
Oh hi Warchild, so much time has pass since our last discussion... :)
Uhm well, not sure what you mean but I can guarantee that Gore background is mainly based on Forgotten Realms (Drizzt and Menzoberranzan), Lovecraft and Magic: The Gathering stuff, but with so many scratch ideas by my creativity itself which I really can't sort a list... In the end nothing is still decided yet.


Thamuz is the name of a sumerian god and "Horde of titans" remind me of the bible, where the fallen angels came and impregnated human females, the titans were the offspring of female humans and heavenly angels...I thought you maybe took that to get inspired... :lol:

by the way, I am currently troubleshooting some issues with error messages and 3d models that do not work, it takes an aweful lot of time.
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Re: [WIP] GORE: Horde of Titans - Now on GitHub

Post by Ozymandias81 »

Do you mean with Gore under GZDoom Builder or with the game itself from GZDoom? Keep in mind that all stuff was set for GZDoom 2.1 r665 build and I perfectly know that many things needs to be fixed with recent builds (check the github version if you didn't).

Thamuz is not anymore on Gore actually, it was planned before as a final boss for that unreleased alpha but well... we'll get 9 different bosses + a "definitive" one at the very end now

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