Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by Neophyte_Ronin »

I discovered a bug where if you switched to and turned on the Minigun while Johnny Mode commences, if it selects the Mastermind Minigun, then the game fatally freezes. Perhaps if a clause that de-selects and re-selects Mode 4 in case this happens...?
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by Alptraum »

i made a video about Brutal Doom, including this mod as well
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by ChocoGuevara »

Hello Johnny! I deeply appreciate this mod. It is never not tons of fun, especially when combined with some megawads!

As some people have mentioned here before, I just wanted to report a few scripting errors, I suppose is what they are, when concerning some mapsets. For example, although I know I'm not *supposed* to be playing it with your mod, MAP: 23 from "Eviternity" has a wall in its first section which would normally be open during vanilla gameplay (or with other mods too, including Project Brutality!), and one of the maps from "50 Shades of Graytall", which has you pushing torches to reach the exit in its final part, has one of these "torch-pushes" to call it that that is seemingly broken. These problems only seem to arise while playing your mod. Do you have any idea why it could be? If so, is it fixable or do you only much rather recommend playing maps with certain specifications (maybe ones that don't have any fancy scripting or the like)?

Otherwise, perfect mod! Totally a good deal.
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by MattMayhem_92 »

This is one of my favorite mods EVER but I’m experiencing some bugs. First, when I type give all and try to switch to the chainsaw from the pistol, the pistol sprite remains when I try to select the chainsaw, I have to go backwards twice in order to select the chainsaw. Second, the low graphics mode doesn’t seem to do anything when it’s enabled. I turned it on, restarted the map and don’t notice any changes regarding what it’s supposed to get rid of. Lastly, the more aggressive janitor option doesn’t seem to clean up anything faster. I’m not sure if you have updated this mod at all recently but I have tried downloading the older GZDOOM 3.7.2 to see if it fixed anything and it didn’t. I’m currently running it with gzdoom 4.6 and ZDL but those bugs seem to remain no matter what I do. Please let me know any info you can regarding these problems! Thank you.
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by Steve1664 »

This is a great take on Brutal Doom, LOVE the quality-of-life stuff you've added, but we can all do without the homophobic slurs, thanks. Unless you were trying to keep the spirit of Sgt. Mark IV, in which case, don't.
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by Gollgagh »

I've never liked the screaming profanity of BD, and I don't intend to defend its existence, but you've bumped the thread of a mod that hasn't been updated in three years, to complain to an author who hasn't logged in for nearly two years, about a feature that doesn't even originate from this fork.
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Re: Your Name: Lieutenant John Doom. Your Mission:

Post by Rowsol »

I for one like the homophobic slurs. The more homophobic the better.
Jokes aside, the guy just wanted to let us know that he's a better person than Mark.

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