Sixmiles [R v0.8]

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Sixmiles [R v0.8]

Post by FuzzySpectre32 »

Six Miles straight down to Hell
Also called Sixmiles, which is a single player GZDoom mod
created by Alex Többè aka FuzzySpectre.
It needs 'DOOM2.WAD' to patch on.
The game concept is something between quests/missions
and seek and destroy, so means simply defeating monsters.
The player will start in a zone with other marines like him.
These are allies who will give a mission where the player is supposed
to find a button that turns off a teleporter where zombies comes from
before being able to go further.
Sixmiles got 2 episodes so far which consists approximately 10 level each.
Each level is harder and harder like in most common mods.

Sixmiles uses tons of scripting to make it work as good as possible
and eliminating bugs/glitches which would spoil the gameplay or prevent
the player from completing a level or mission.
This mod requires player to be able to jump and crouch.
When launching from a brand new generated config file,
“zdoom-username.ini” the mod will darken the screen in gameplay
and display red text of invalid properties the must be corrected
so the error text can disappear.
The text can be for example:

,which in this case means that this parameter is lower or higher
than the valid limits given by the mod.
Open up options, select 'Display', select 'OpenGL',
select 'Preferences' and then 'For Thickness Level'
and change it to a valid value.

The properties usually doesn't really prevent from playing the mod,
but it's slightly disturbing as it blocks sight.
These behavior is made to prevent bugs or game spoiling in the mod.
Technically it's a global ACS-script which contains various functions
to keep the mod in order.

One known issue is the vertical auto-aim.
At targets with a distance beyond 1024 from player
auto-aim will not have any effect.
To keep the mod working properly, the smart auto-aim parameter
in options must be set to 'Only monsters' or 'Never friends'.
If you don't like using auto-aim at all, it can be turned off.

Player is supposed to reach deeper and deeper down in the mod,
solving puzzles, codes to go forward in the progress of a level
and most of all, survive without loosing too much health.
At the end of some levels there will be bosses who needs to be defeated
to complete a level. One does not simply defeat the bosses,
tactics are needed to find out their weak spot.
The higher levels usually consists of dangerous environment like,
crushing machines, toxic fluids and high voltage zones.
Getting too close high voltage units like electric machines, transformers,
coils will discharge at player with an lightning arc applying severe damage.

For newbies
For those who don't know how to launch a mod;
you need to first download GZDoom and Doom2 as the file 'DOOM2.WAD'
is needed to patch on. Put all the files in the same folder
and drag 'SIXMILES.WAD' to GZDoom.exe and the mod will automatically
be launched and ready to play.
Start the game and read the red text and correct the game options of what is told. Read the Compatibility part to see how it's done.


Help & Support
Feedback appreciated.
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Re: Sixmiles [R v0.8]

Post by Slax »

Map design's pretty uninteresting. Enough so that I don't wanna keep playing.
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Re: Sixmiles [R v0.8]

Post by DnB-Freak »

But I like your mod, It's really a challenge.
Could play it over and over again.
Keep it up, man.

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