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If it's not ZDoom, it goes here.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Air_Lines »

Hi what program is everyone using to edit maps these days? I haven't made any maps in ages.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by LÿRuz »

Hello. I am new in this forum.

Right now, I have 2 WIP megawad project (both aimed for vanilla/boom compatible). One is still unnamed (the working title is simply Doom I TC) and its in low priority right now. Other is named Sthguoht Modnar A and its in high priority. As both my projects need resource replacement, I decided to look the resource from Doomworld & Zdoom Forum. As I searched the resource, I think it's a good idea to ask permission first to use the graphics so I joined this forum.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by ShepJP »

Hey people, new to having an account, but I've been lurking to download mods and more recently learn for a while. I'm new to making maps and mods to Doom 2 but not to modding games in general as I like attempt to modify anything I enjoy.
In answer to the question a bit above about what people are using, I'm personally using Ultimate Doom Builder with Slade for adding assets.

I'm working on a sci-fi level set/mod about escaping a UAC ship, that I'm still a little unsure where to post but I'll worry about that when it's done and the final scope is clear. I'm grateful for the resources and tutorials made by the community so anything I make is open permissions whether that mod, or other things not in it like for instance I have a couple more mod ideas and things just done for enjoyment. I have made MIDIs, a couple WIP weapons, a small number of textures, reskinned sprites, and one or two attempts at original ones. I'm also in the process of making sprites from a few Quake enemies starting with the Scrag/Wizard but I can't promise a scope or finish date.

That's probably everything, if I end up talking a fair amount people will get to know me but currently it's best to just say hi, what I'm working on and a thanks for the community's content and resources for new creators like myself.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Noobster2731 »

The name's Noobster. I'm a polish doom fan who got into this community by DOOM(2016 ), DOOM Eternal and Civvie11's Pro Doom series.
I like to draw, watch stupid videos and play the vidya.
If you ever see me here, I'm either asking for help with a topic, replying to a funny post or just stumbling upon some of that good shite.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by RKD »

Huh, didn't cross my mind that a post for introductions would be in Off-topic but oh, well.
I'm RKD at the moment I write this and I'm an illustrator (mostly into Touhou Project). I've played Doom/Heretic a lot when I was a kid but never realized there were things like mods for Doom and other Doom engine games. Not until...
Spoiler: I know it's kinda taboo here so I use a spoiler
Out of curiosity, I started watching Mr. Icarus videos to inform myself a little more and the sheer ammount of different mods that exists blew my mind. And I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg.
I've been lurking this forum and other sites every now and then to see what's new and recently decided to make an account to give my two cents and, hopefully, share some helpful insights in this community. Pleased to meet you!
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hi im new

Post by magicmissile »

hi im new here welcome all
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by DELTAtheDboi005 »

Hi, my name is DELTAtheDboi005 (or DELTA for short), The reason I joined is that I needed some help with a mod I'm working on, But everything's good now :)

I used to do maps, but now I've gone on to begin work on my own mod.

Wish you all the best, and may your hearts be filled with joy. :D

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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Rumpaboy »

Hello! I have been lurking these forums for some time now but decided to finally get an account!
I wanted to get into the zdoom modding after playing some total conversaion mods and thought I got a couple of ideas I want to create .

I grewup in the 90s playing all kind of games but the favorite ones were FPS . That is still today one of my favorite hobbies!

Other than that I like drawing, sci-fi,fantasy,comics, movies, history, armours, animals, the ocean, adventures and to sleep!

Cya y'all ! :D
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by DELTAtheDboi005 »

Hello, how are we this fine day?
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by daemonspudguy »

Hello. I'm back, after quite a long period of inactivity.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Megatokyo »

Hello. I'm not new to Doom but I am technically new to this forum. GZDoom is my preferred source port (like many) and I intend on discussing it along with the original ZDoom. Thanks.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by prewitt86 »

Been playing DooM since it first came out. Remember a day when the only mod I knew of was "Chook DooM." Been enjoying ZDooM and GZDooM since they launched. Just joining this forum to try are relive the fun of modded DooM in VR with ViveDoom. Can't seem to figure out how to get the Castlevania.ipk3 to launch properly, but I'll have a technical issue post about it when the moderators flag it through. Hope everyone is doing well!
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by XoR »

Hello fellow doom guys :)
I always loved doom, ever since I tried to play it on 386SX 25MHz. It was Hell and even overclocking it to 33MHz didn't help.
Then I got Pentium 166MHz with 32MB rams and played each Doom game few times on it.

Since then my Doom gaming was always plagued by why didn't they made true color software rendering port yet? and recently I discovered that not only GZDoom has it but its multi-threaded and works fairly well at 3840x2160 on my i9 9900K so I started playing Doom again.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by leopoli »

Hello everyone! Im a new user here, I used to play doom and wolfenstein when I was young, I decided to give it a try again last year for nostagia sake, and I rediscovered again how much I love this game. I recently discovered Zdoom and Im amazed with what the community can do! I want to study how this game works, how this engine works, I also want to try new mods and maps, currently Im playing again Doom 2 (I just finished the first one) with Brutal Doom Platinum 3.0, and I gotta say, it is amazing! If someone wants to recommend me some material to start my studies, and also maps and mods to try, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by DoctorDOS »

I was a member here years ago. Happy to be back.

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