were is zdoom launcher i got gamespy but it 2player at a tim

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were is zdoom launcher i got gamespy but it 2player at a tim

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I try shoten my subject as much as i could sorry for my sucky spelling

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opps i went to the rong posting topic sorry :(ill dellete it as soon as some replies me a answer
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Are you trying to play cooperative or deathmatch, two or more players? Gamespy won't handle zdoom as far as I know, it will probably only show servers such as zdaemon, which is based on zdoom. Maybe someone else can correct me here?

The most reliable launcher is simply the command prompt or a batch file or a shortcut. If you want to play single-player, you can use Windows Explorer, drag and drop a wad file onto zdoom.exe I think and it will start up.

It is not clear if you are trying to play single player or multi-player. ???
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zdoom on gamespy is peer-to-peer but only lets you play 2 ata time for some reasn
thats ther fault and i think its the same for other P2P games on there too

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