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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Doomguy5th »

I am so done with Brutal Doom. I MUST HAZ!!! Seriously, this looks really good! This kinda reminds me of what I would expect when you merge Painkiller: Hell and Damnation and Quake 3 Arena together!

Dude, http://www.goudsepoort.nl/files/mobilit ... omhoog.jpg
http://www.goudsepoort.nl/files/mobilit ... omhoog.jpg
http://www.goudsepoort.nl/files/mobilit ... omhoog.jpg
http://www.goudsepoort.nl/files/mobilit ... omhoog.jpg

I think I need more thumbs up.

EDIT: Okay, so I tried this on the hardest difficulty (obviously, I'm just a numbskull wandering around), and gameplay is just completely fun. Dat sword doh... The weapons are superb, and I didn't realize you can double-jump like having ninja tabi in Pixel Gun 3D! Dat's just awesome! I think my favorite weapon would have to be that double barreled shotgun of some sort.
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by TerminusEst13 »

Carbine Dioxide wrote:It always was absolutely crazy, let's rock! *Attempts to turn on juke box*

All right, so, wow, I did not expect this kind of reception. I'm glad to see you guys are fond of this!
That means also, though, that there's been some game-breaking issues that can't wait for an update to be fixed. I've fixed a nice chunk of these and re-put up the build for download--I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

- The Blind Guardian no longer turns the player's attacks back on them.
- Demons no longer simply vanish when in pain, breaking maps that relied on demons.
- Players can no longer freeze themselves in place with the hammer--and in the off chance they do, simply getting hurt will revert it.
- Players can no longer crash the game with multiple special moves at once.
- Players can no longer crash the game with going into Iron Maiden and doing special moves at the same time.

If you don't want to click back to the previous page, the new build is here:
http://www.**LINK_DISABLED**.org/download?file= ... v0.71b.pk3

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for playing.

For those interested in checking this out, a server is up as:
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by JimmyJ »

Imagefucking radImage
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by RockmanYoshi »

wil htis get a burel dum patch?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!???

Seriously though, it looks nice, I've been following your project on /vr/ for quite some time now, seems like the work paid off
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by SigFloyd »

Term, I hope you're happy with the fact you just gave another man an erection.
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Matt »

1. About tiem u mad a t hred 4 dis


3. I really should read help screens and things because I had no idea how those special attacks worked until now <_>
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Combine_Kegan »

I'm so happy to watch this mod grow into what it's become so far. I look forward to future versions Term.
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Xaser »

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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Captain J »

YES YES indeed, anyway good to see the first korean character is created for doom mod. and SHE'S A GIRL, TOTAL SURPRISE. anyway the guns pretty needs some shading works, such as grenade launcher and shotgun. except machine gun and pistol, though. they looks great. and i hope she can have her own doom sprite, too. with mike12's style. now that could be really smexy to see 'n play.

anyway, it was been a real pleasure to show my country's proper languages and cultures!...and names in skype! sounds really nice and thankful that my amateurish imformation worked and fitted like a sheath!

앞으로도 더 좋은 결과를 얻기 바레!(well, some may don't know this korean language yet, but trust me, it's a compliment.)
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by chronoteeth »

Imagehehehe >:)Image

really nice like naruto but more SCARY and HARDCORE Image

yea man REAL good!! real hard and tough but fun! real heavy metal >:)) >:)) Image
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by PillowBlaster »



Okay, I'll admit it - damn amazing job! And I cracked up at "dat post style". :P
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Valherran »

This was really fun, I only have 2 issues with it though:

The Pain Elemental and the Arch-Vile replacements, they are WAAAY overpowered.

The Pain Elemental is OP because it zips around all over the place at high speed, which makes it hard to hit. And it constantly spams ghosts, which makes it even more difficult to take out than it already is. I am not sure if it has a spawning limit or not, but goddamn does it spawn a lot. Trying to kill this thing on the higher difficulties and survive is very unlikely.

The Arch-Vile is OP only because of this damn living flame that it spawns. It will follow you til the end of time until you are dead, which is cheap as hell. And to add insult to injury, it can make multiples of these things to chase you. Surviving this thing after it has spawned a living flame on the higher difficulties is IMPOSSIBLE.

Unless someone has a strategy on how to dispatch these 2 monsters with ease (The PE and the Living Flame), I am all ears, because I have tried everything. Otherwise, I stand by my statement above saying they are OP and need to be toned down to a fair level. :-?
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Toberone »

For me, going completely apeshit on them works like a charm. Can't be scared to take a hit every now and then, especially since it's arcade style.
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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by Kostov »

James Hetfield and an Anthrax song I liked even before I saw this thread.

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Re: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/

Post by TheAdmantArchvile »

Just beat Go 2 It on HMP with this mod. Fuck Revanants.

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