Droplets - Updated 11/10/2018!

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Re: Droplets - Development Resumes!

Post by DoomeRez »

Josh771 wrote:
snackerfork wrote:This is a great mod, but there's one big problem with it - MAP06 of Doom 2. The game slows to an absolute crawl when the Spider Mastermind is being crushed. This happens on Beautiful Doom, when Beautiful Doom is turned off, and in older versions as well. I'm guessing it has something to do with the ceiling blood drops? If there's any way to fix this, that'd be wonderful.

ETA: Looking at actorlist in the console, the culprit seems to be the huge amount of blooddroplets and ceildrippers that spawn when the Spider Mastermind is being crushed. I saw over 2000 and over 500, respectively. But I'm not sure there's a way to fix it besides enabling "mild blood amounts" and a limit of 500 on blood drops, unless you can get the Zdoom developers to change the way blood is spawned when an enemy like the Spider Mastermind is being crushed.
The best solution I know of for this at the moment is to just drop your blood limit to somewhere around 64 until the mastermind is crushed, then crank it back up. Droplets has had this problem for as long as I can remember, I'm afraid.

If you are still around by any chance and haven't lost interest in this mod (I hope not!) I wanted to let you know that setting blood limit to minimum value of 64 doesn't help either... It just cripples the framerate down to 1 fps after a few seconds of crushing the mastermind spider, and then goes down to a few seconds per frame. At this point I have to turn off the game, since it's only getting worse as the time goes by. Any chance you could look into this problem a little bit more? I wonder if it's some kind of bug that slipped away from you given how strange Droplets performs (it looks like Brutal Doom spawns x100 times more blood and gibs and whatnot, but it never drops in performance).


Yep, it definitely is some kind of a bug... On e3m2 after clearing half of the map fps started to drop until it fell down to 1. It just happened all of a sudden and if you change settings (decals/blood limit) to minimum values it doesn't improve the performance. Once fps drops it stays at low value no matter what. :/
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Re: Droplets - Updated 11/10/2018!

Post by Newbie »

Even with minimal settings on a modern desktop, the blood mist from more than 6 Former Humans seems to elicit a quite severe FPS drop. I don't recall this happening with previous versions of GZDoom. Also, disabling the Blood Mist option does not seem to work anymore. I hope an update will come out soon
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Re: Droplets - Updated 11/10/2018!

Post by XLightningStormL »

Seems no-one has pointed out that Blood Puddles still appear during Ice Deaths.

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