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Re: [Project] Quake II Resources

Post by RUNSABER »

You don't need an account to download anything from Dropbox.
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Re: [Project] Quake II Resources

Post by 22alpha22 »

After nearly six years of being dormant, the OG Quake II resource pack for GZDoom stirs back to life with a new update!

There is probably going to be a wall of text here, so for those who don't want to read it, here is the TLDR:
I'm restarting development on this resource pack after being disappointed with the faithfulness to Quake II's gameplay of couple of other more recent resource packs/TCs. ZScript and other useful features like anonymous functions did not exist when I first started this project and as result I needed to employ many DECORATE/ACS hacks to cobble together the features I wanted. Now that I am starting work on this again, I have decided to scrap my previous versions and start from scratch so as to have a clean slate to build from. I'm still using DECORATE but rather than using messy hacks, I'm employing the strength of ZScript to do the heavy lifting.

Version 0.5 is the now the latest version and can be found in the OP. I haven't really messed with ZScript before now, so I'm having to learn as I go. As a result, progress has been slow but I've finished the behavior of all the weapons and it is already much better the than the last release six years ago. The next update will focus on polishing up the weapons and then I will move on to the Armor and Health.


Now the long version for those interested in why I'm resuming this after leaving this dormant for nearly six years. It actually was never my intention to abandon this project but I ran into some problems I couldn't figure out and that really sapped my interest in working on this. To be honest my skills at the time really weren't up to the task of taking on a project like this alone, they still might not be, we will have to see. Anyway, I started investing my time in other projects, some of which where in other games outside of Doom. Time slipped by and I eventually kinda of forgot about this, until a couple of years ago I was going through my hard-drive and found my project files for this and thought about starting up again.

Before deciding whether or not to start working on this again I decided to do a search and see if anyone had used any of my work in their projects yet. I was delighted to see that the great 'Enjay' had found some use and inspiration from this project in his Waterlab map. However, I was a quickly dismayed to discover that a some other people had decided to make and release their own set of Quake II resources, I guess I should have know someone else would do it if I didn't. I didn't download their resources to see what they had done but I figured it was probably better than mine anyway so I decided just let this project remain dead.

About a month ago I was bored and browsing the forums and I came across a Quake II TC using the other guys' resources as a base. I decided to download it to see if they had pulled off what had long hoped someone would do in this great engine. The maps looked fantastic and oozed with Quake II atmosphere. It was amazing... until I actually got into some combat. The gameplay was all wrong, the movement still had Doom's slipperiness, the weapons had the wrong ROF and damage was randomized and not fixed like it should be, there were way too many monsters in the engagements, and so many other issues that just pulled me out of the experience. This was not Quake II, it was a Doom mod with a Quake skin. I kept thinking to myself that I could do better in terms of faithfulness to the original Quake II. I don't mean to attack the other Quake II project's authors, I have no idea what their current skill level is at modding and I will freely admit their project is probably of better quality than mine was when I left it six years ago. But it really irked me that they claimed theirs was as close to actual Quake II as possible when that definitely is not the case.

So I have decided to actually see if I can do better and have thus restarted development of this resource pack from scratch. I don't think it is currently possible to get a 1:1 ratio of faithfulness to the Quake II engine but it should be possible to get reasonably close and actually capture spirit of the gameplay in this engine.

My goal is to recreate as faithfully as possible all the weapons, armor, health, powerups, and items. I also intend to implement the HUD, menu, movement, sounds, and textures. What I'm not sure whether I'm going to do or not is the monsters as they have a lot of little quirks to them that needs to be done just right and it will be a very time consuming process.
I don't actually enjoy modding nearly as much as I do mapping and I really want to get back to my passion project: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=65349
So with that being said, whether or not I put the time in to do the monsters as well will really depend on the desire and demand for them from the community.

Again I mean no ill will toward the author's of the other Quake II projects, (a little competition is a good thing) Quake II is one of my favorite games and I just want to see it done right.

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