Blake Stone TC Demo

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Re: Blake Stone TC Demo

Post by StarController »

Thank you for taking on this project. While I may have cut my FPS teeth on Wolf3d back in the day, Blake Stone always holds a special place for me. It's really fun to be able to play it with more modern controls.

A few notes on the demo:
It looks like there was a missing object in level 2, I think the chests that sometimes spawn the squat brown aliens.

I sometimes had troubles with some of the Techs that turn hostile after speaking to them. I'd shoot them, they'd fall, then respawn, but able to move through furniture and invincible. The enclosed room on level one that resembles a break room, with a guard facing a vending machine is where I most easily noticed this behavior.

In Level 3 (I think) there is a room with plasma aliens and the + shaped panels that spawn them. The plasma aliens didn't respawn. Their movement behavior seemed much faster than I remember as well.

Pie in the sky moment: If I'm in a room with two techs, one hostile and one friendly, It'd be flippin' awesome if the friendly tech would shoot at the hostile one, after the hostile begins attacking the player. It'd be complicated behavior to code im sure, for it would make sense for the friendly tech to maintain cover if there are any higher level baddies in the area, and I know it wasn't in the old game. It would be a sweet bit of immersion though, don't you think?
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Re: Blake Stone TC Demo

Post by VGA »

Goddamn, this looks fun from the vids. I'm gonna wait until it's stable, though.
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Re: Blake Stone TC Demo

Post by PlayerLin »

VGA wrote:Goddamn, this looks fun from the vids. I'm gonna wait until it's stable, though.
This mod is our last hope before ECBlake completed. :P
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Re: Blake Stone TC Demo

Post by EnsaladaDeTomate »

Sorry for bumping, but i had to share this in here, maybe somebody could be interested in it:

Blake Stone player sprites


The front face standing frame was made by UK Callum, the rest of side and shooting frames were made by Flynn Taggart and Hiragamer.
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Re: Blake Stone TC Demo

Post by Captain J »

Hmm, that bump is reasonable. Although it kinda needs some details on it especially his head and firearm. Replacing it into a neutron gun would be great.

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