AC/DC MIDI replacer for Doom

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Re: AC/DC MIDI replacer for Doom

Post by Kostov »

@Hellser, sorry if you think I'm holding this 'project' too dearly. In all truth, it started when I asked my RL friend on Steam that loves AC/DC more than me if I should just compile MIDIs and make them replacements of Doom's music just so I could inspire him to play Doom or Heretic or Hexen more (he's a fantasy enthusiast but bought Lord of the Rings Online DLCs on Steam instead of the Heretic + Hexen pack when he considered both). I just thought I'd share it here. I agree, it's just a compilation with no personal modifications. It isn't grand at all to me, but it's something to enjoy if you like two things in a bowl. And I do, and incase anyone else does, it's right there.

I hope any issues are resolved by now. :)
Legend wrote:Actually kinda fun to play with. I wouldn't autoload it, but still pretty cool. Though I would have liked Thunderstruck in an earlier level.
You have a point, but they have many other songs that are glorious. Other than the constant solo and some of the toms in the song, it isn't that strong to me. The title track of the album it's on, The Razors' Edge, doesn't seem to get much attention, while the song Back in Black is legendary, but isn't that intense compared to their other works. Some breathtaking songs to me? Hells Bells and Shake A Leg on Back in Black, Snowballed on For Those About to Rock, and If You Dare on The Razors' Edge.

If one of their most loved songs needs to go somewhere else than the very last level, you may want to move and rename things yourself. But if the majority wants some thunder earlier on, I'll put up an update.

EDIT: An update is up. I've been trying to focus on MIDIs that don't have vocal emulation. I've been scavenging the internet for tools that can simply support removing certain instrument from a MIDI without changing the rest in any way, and FL Studio does the trick. Stupid good softwares always having to be pay or demo... nonetheless, some new, more-known songs are in. And, a Doom 2 version is made.

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