[beta] Telegun

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[beta] Telegun

Post by Tango »

"A mod so small, you could fit it inside a paper clip!"™

Inspired by projects such as Xaser's Parkour, Wildweasel's Style Mod, and Jimmy's Omega, this mod uses only ZDoom lumps like DECORATE and TEXTURES to completely revolutionize the way you play DOOM.

You have only one weapon: the Telegun. Primary fire fires some green plasma that has a very high (though monster dependent) chance to make the inflicted monsters randomly teleport to any of your portal locations (within a range of 428 units) , which are created by using altfire. Primary fire can be charged to fire spread shots to increase chances of telefragging. While primary fire doesn't use ammo, altfire does, so beware. Pretty simple. This only works on monsters, but because it requires altered monster definitions, it's not very friendly to any wads that replace/modify monsters. Also, AV replaces the two sounds the gun uses, so that's kind of silly. Oh well.

Here's a really non-telling screenshot. A video would likely be more appropriate though.

I consider this a beta because there are still a few more things (mainly visual polish) I'd like to finish.


requires ZDoom derivatives to work properly, obviously
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Re: [beta] Telegun

Post by Combine_Kegan »

There's something kinda funny about just warping monsters away, the only things I'd like to see is maybe a slightly increased rate of fire for the uncharged shots, and maybe some indicator to show how charged up the telegun is, this is pretty fun though.
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Re: [beta] Telegun

Post by Tux »

would be much better if the monsters weren't able to telefuck you

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