Responsive Weapons + Faster Weapon Switching

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Re: Responsive Weapons + Faster Weapon Switching

Post by bLUEbYTE »

This is my favourite kind of mod, thanks!
Adding this to [Global.Autoload] should be safe, right? E.g. when running Strife or the FreeDooms
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Re: Responsive Weapons + Faster Weapon Switching

Post by mamaluigisbagel »

I can't believe I ignored this mod when I first saw it. I wasn't into mods that were focused on vanilla gameplay that much originally, but now that I'm getting into it more, I figured I'd try this. God I love it. Especially thankful to the people keeping it alive.

ngl though. I love being able to interrupt the shotgun's reload animation, but I almost wish you didn't have to finish reloading it when you switched back to it so you can pull off some Doom Eternal quick-swapping shit :lol:

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