[WIP/Release] Brutal Doom SE

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Re: [WIP/Release] Brutal Doom SE

Post by GRUARRR »

Moktar wrote:Sorry for bumping a long-time dead thread, but I have been working on a bug-fixed version of BDSE, it contains some code from BD20 and BD21 but it still has a plenty number of bugs. I named it as Brutal DOOM X (BDX) as it is more like a fork.

The blood ported from BD21 is not totally functional and there are many performance issues and inconsistencies, along as the death behavior of most enemies and the new fatalities from BD20/BD21 that are not still ported. However, most features from modern builds of BD are intentionally disabled on this bug-fixed BDSE, things such as the f*** yourself, dual-guns and more.

It currently works with GZDOOM 4.2.4.

You are free to modify, enhance, upgrade or bug-fix this fork.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yVT_NX ... sp=sharing

(english is not my native language)
I´m going to try it because Sperglord Edition was one of my favourite edits in that time.

Please consider making a post of this version and upgrading it.

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