Lasting Light V4.1 - A Chance for More Horror? (See Pg.10)

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Re: Lasting Light V4.1 - A Chance for More Horror? (See Pg.1

Post by Ral22 »

@Tiberium: Yes, I did see your PMs. I never did reply as I wasn't decided on whether LL would see further work on it at the time.

I can confirm, right away, all the ideas I have for LL2 would IMMEDIATELY make the game not multiplayer friendly, if not impossible altogether. It was my intention to make LL2 singleplayer from the get-go. I'm looking to do something a little more unusual, never-before-tried in a gameplay mod, and because of it, multiplayer isn't an option. I am, however, open to the idea of LL1 being converted into multiplayer, since that's possible I think. It's never been a priority for me, but I'd okay anyone who would like to attempt a multiplayer version!

I have kept the idea for a blind monster in mind, so that's definitely in the boiling pot for LL2. I can also confirm that LL2 DOES exist, with some new features already present and an improved Screecher implemented, but it is not my highest priority on my projects list. I'll probably work on it whenever I want to procrastinate from my main project. Hehe.
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Re: Lasting Light V4.1 - A Chance for More Horror? (See Pg.1

Post by TiberiumSoul »

the multiplayer was for the original Lasting Light, I wanted to implement it into my Blackened Souls fork but I can't into ACS so... yeah.

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