(WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by torridgristle »

leileilol wrote:"that is for shit's L" snoop dog also know as snoop lion's
He's Snoopzilla now.
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by Marnetmar »

Shouldn't HUD face's eyes be red the whole time?
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by Scootaloler »

We did it guys, 420 Views.
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by ThomsonI »

I'm more of a straight-laced, square, vodka-tonic man myself, with no real taste for joke wads or weed humor, but since this isn't just Brutal Doom with the kitchen sinks of other games thrown in all willy-nilly, I support this wholeheartedly. Well, as much as I can without directly working on it, but I must say this isn't crap and must argue that this shouldn't be called a crapwad. There's actual work being put into this.
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by MadnessCookies »

This WAD looks cool, i can't wait till it's finished!
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by Failure »

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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by SigFloyd »

"SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY" needs to be a power up sound. Perhaps for the Invisibility Sphere. It could surround you with a cloud that stuns or slows down enemies.
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Re: (WIP) Weed Nukem 3D

Post by Enjay »

Best reason to legalise weed? So that, perhaps, stoners will stop going on about it. I mean, really, it's all they talk about. It got dull about 40 years ago. :roll:

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