[WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

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Re: [WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

Postby Ethril » Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:23 am

Untitled wrote: How do I survive if a closet of 24 imps opening up when all of them are now hitscan, and they don't infight, and some bars lock behind me to prevent me from leaving?

Do a quick 360 spin while mashing the "throw grenade" key? Granted, that's not always an option.
Well-placed gas grenades are one hell of an equalizer, though.

But yeah, it'd be nice if the enemies here could still hurt eachother. They don't have to infight (you can still beat those rooms in Tricks & Traps and Gotcha!, for example, but it takes some effort), but a complete lack of friendly fire is kind of silly.
EDIT: oh wait, on second look, i think they do have friendly fire, or at least with they do with grenades?
it's kind of hard to tell

The berserker pack really should heal you to 100. Otherwise, there's no point in carrying them around since the effect lasts the whole level, multiple uses don't stack, and you lose all of them except one after each map anyway.

EDIT 2: Okay the absolute biggest issue is inconsistent ammo drops. The enemies that replace the zombies, at least, should always drop ammo/weapons. I ran out of shells on Map02.
Just let that sink in a moment. I ran out of shells on Map02. Have you ever, EVER managed to finish Map02 without 50 shells? I finished with zero.
RE-EDIT 2: On second inspection, I had full bullets. But still.
EDIT 3: why do the pinky demons have a powerful ranged attack
i tried to conserve ammo by knifing them
i died near-instantly
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Re: [WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

Postby Woolie Wool » Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:07 am

Vaecrius wrote:How'd you manage to get it to work with CBAF_AIMFACING alone? When I tried it it would be perfectly on target if you didn't try to dodge, but if you got out of the way between A_FaceTarget and A_CustomBulletAttack it would appear to forget about vertical aiming or shoot into the sky or something.

Monsters IIRC aim in two dimensions and use vertical autoaim to compensate. I know when I tried something similar with the Stroggos Assault Gladiator (who uses railguns) the railguns would aim vertically if they hit you but fire straight ahead if they did not.

Untitled wrote:Last but not least, you still haven't answered how you survive one of those ambush traps. You can't position yourself with these; these are designed to be straight up dodge-like-a-maniac fights. Traps make up a huge part of modern map design, and especially now that people are smarter with it, traps that lock the player in the room are especially popular. How do I survive any of these? How do I survive if a closet of 24 imps opening up when all of them are now hitscan, and they don't infight, and some bars lock behind me to prevent me from leaving?

Whip around, pull out the assault rifle or plasma gun, and mow them down. They'll be dead in seconds if you're fast enough. Or just throw a frag into their midst.
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Re: [WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

Postby Matt » Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:53 pm

Ahh, okay, good to know I'm not going crazy. (the extra flags I added there were specifically to make sure the pitch was "correct" whether or not the hitscan was hitting on the xy axis. The default behaviour drives me nuts but it shouldn't be a functional issue unless the puff exploded or came to life or something.)
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Re: [WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

Postby Arthropleura » Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:33 pm

I certainly agree that some adjustments need to be made. The complete lack of friendly fire has been noted to be something of an issue. I agree that trained soldiers wouldn't engage in infighting. But what about the robotic enemies? Is it possible to allow only robotic enemies to infight? It would certainly make it easier on the players if enemy war machines occasionally "malfunctioned in the field"

The super shotgun as is is completely useless as others have said. double damage at half speed with half the accuracy. I literally drop the thing whenever i get it so it doesn't clutter my inventory. Having two different pistols is a lesser problem. Simply put once you get the officers pistol the regular pistol is dead weight and once you get the pdw the officers pistol suffers the same problem. Although this problem isn't exactly new with the chaingun pretty much replacing the pistol in the default game. Overall i just don't see the need for two pistols when the pdw is so common. It seems to be the only point for the officers pistol is to make officers and scientists more dangerous than the most basic soldiers.

I do like how you implemented the frag and gas grenades. However i find them a bit to big to toss through some of the smaller windows i find. And the EMP grenade seems to be useless outside of the flashbang effect is has on the player. Does it do more damage to robots or something? It sure as hell doesnt work very well on infantry.

The cyberdemon replacement and the mancubus replacement share the same sprites. Maybe do something to make them stand out more. Shoulder mounted rocket pods for the cyb maybe?
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Re: [WIP]Mutiny v3 - Week 3 (Mars War)

Postby Zhs2 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:23 pm

Bump. No idea if the author is still working on this fairly solid project, but I would like to point out that the Spider Mastermind replacement cannot shoot the player at all. The projectiles it shoots are marked PlayerPlasma, they have the same species as the player and +THRUSPECIES...
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