[1.9a] Insanity's Requiem Mk.2 | Updated Credits.

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Re: [1.9a] Insanity's Requiem Mk.2 | Updated Credits.

Post by Gideon020 »

Loving this mod, just downloaded it and the difference since 1.8 since I last played it is enormous. Especially loving the Hellstorm, it makes a good alternative to using the heavy revolver when volume of fire is needed.

Also, saw on a youtube vid that the Harbinger has a barrel upgrade but dunno if that is actually a thing or if they were mistaken.
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Re: [1.9a] Insanity's Requiem Mk.2 | Updated Credits.

Post by Tc_667 »

Aahhh, love me a mod that runs on rule of cool and pure w40k style exaggeration, also, the devs are nice people and the discord is a good group
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Re: [1.9a] Insanity's Requiem Mk.2 | Updated Credits.

Post by thedeathrunner123 »

Yo the discord link is dead. If you could post a new one that'd be dope.

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