The Guncaster - 3.888b

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Re: The Guncaster - 3.888b

Post by ActionAlligator »

ahhh ok, thx very much!
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Re: The Guncaster - 3.888b

Post by DoomKrakken »

Basically, it's what many Doom players call "UV+".

Frankly, it's my favorite difficulty level. :D
Zhs2 wrote: Tue May 23, 2023 9:00 am Dragon difficulty gives monsters 20% more health and nopain in lieu of traditional Nightmare respawning, plus fastmonsters.
The NoPain in Dragon difficulty is honestly a major pain in the ass... it also means Guncaster-compatible monsters cannot suffer from most of the status effects otherwise granted by most of the stuff you cast (no burning, no electrocution, no bleeding, etc.), at least while the monster is alive.

I wish that would change. There are ways to inflict status effects without relying on custom monster states (trust me, I've done 'em), so if making sure monsters can't get stunlocked on Dragon difficulty is a must-have, we can still have both. If anyone on the team is interested, I can show how it can be done.

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