Console Doom Integration WADs

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Re: Console Doom Integration WADs

Post by Valken »

I was looking at this and the PSX Doom Conversion.

Seems Henry is correct that PSX MAP18 should be added E3M12 based on hybrid console and PC map order.

I have tried to manually add it but it also needed the decorate file to include the firesky graphics/textures. It actually showed up in the other PSX maps from a quick level load.

Also need to edit / rename SW2METAL from the PSX Mod as it conflicts with a default texture from wadsmooshed iwad.

But maybe better to review if an update from GEC's PSX mod might be better since the maps are supposedly more accurate?


Seems there may still be some bugs from the original PSX mod and Consolidation Prize versions:

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Re: Console Doom Integration WADs

Post by sneedseedfeed »

fantastic project! i would say almost perfect!

a couple of suggestions for somebody who wants to pick this up:
-the exit from SEWERS brings you back to e1m1 (as it did on the original xbox) instead of e1m2. i see no reason to keep this bug, so it would be better to fix it (easily done from mapinfo)
-snes' secret exit on refinery is a cool touch, though i don't think it should be added. also on this wad it's a simple go-through wall texture, but according to the wiki there's a switch in another part of the level that opens the wall. also, as it was already stated earlier, it warps you to the next level instead of the secret one so i don't see how useful it is
-doom2 dependency of condoom1 ideally should be removed. afaik this only dependencies are the revenant in console's hell's keep, but according to wiki it only appears on psx/saturn version of the map (since those games bundled doom1 and doom2), but not in the jaguar/3do version, even if the layouts are identical. i assume that the jaguar/3do version don't use doom 2 assets, so it would be possible to use those vanilla maps instead?
-extra secrets (at least 1 in hell's keep and club doom, probably in other maps too?)
-club doom has only 1 music track, though i don't really think it's a big issue

finally, i haven't tried but it would be great if this was compatible/integrated with wadsmoosh, tho i haven't tried it myself yet

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