Silent Hill Doom

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The Zombie Killer
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Re: Silent Hill Doom

Post by The Zombie Killer »

You ninja'd the download. :p
Fixed right after you downloaded it.

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Re: Silent Hill Doom

Post by Nash »

Oh oops, haha. Also didn't notice you echoed what I said about the invisible static models. :P
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Re: Silent Hill Doom

Post by zygo »

Ok guys I just figured out my bloody mistake. I uploaded the models folder in another models folder that's why the models an textures are not working correctly. I'm gona go in drop box now an fix this problem. When you download, download as zip an just drag an drop on your gzdoon executable. Forgive my errors
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Re: Silent Hill Doom

Post by fukenciojones »

As a big silent hill fan,the hardest part of the game is to create a good and solid characters,each character on silent hill games as a personalite.The underworld,or alternative world,needs to be based on the fears and psycologich of the main character,some of the main characters is alternative world,has they own buggy man,like james on silent hill 2 has the piramid head.I know that this is just a doom wad,but i think you can make a silent hill based game better than downpour and homecoming (they both are really shitty games ya know).

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