City Assault

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Re: City Assault

Post by twinkieman93 »

Jesus, there's spoiler tags and edit buttons for a reason.
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Re: City Assault

Post by Boreas249 »

What? No, sorry but I don't see that working for this map.

I haven't seen the updated version yet, so I don't know what the new sky textures look like, if there are any, but the city needs to look all wartorn and stuff, after all it was invaded by demons and this is an assault. That's not doing it at all...

If it's still the default though I say leave it. It kinda works just fine.
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Re: City Assault

Post by Kaal979 »

Who knows - maybe its possible to add a few
fire and smoke sprites directly in the skybox!
Plus a orange dawn from quake2 or something.
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Re: City Assault

Post by Enjay »


Skybox 12 might be suitable.
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Re: City Assault

Post by niculinux »

excellent map. :wub:

Now I got an idea: maybe in the furute will be done a megawad with this setting and call it Metropolis assault? A megawad of 32 maps of such one in there..
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Re: City Assault

Post by Matt »

Still trying to survive that huge street right after the first alley. Managed to get into the restaurant on the easiest difficulty but even that was a slog (and I died very shortly after that little ambush).

May consider playing with vanilla or BD later.
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Re: City Assault

Post by Vampocalypse »

Awesome map, just awesome!

Not much I can say that other's already haven't said, very detailed, very fun to play.

I love your maps, I hope you make many more.
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Max Dickings
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Re: City Assault

Post by Max Dickings »

Dammit sarge do I love your work! ><

Especially your maps, love complicated urban maps!

e/ Is that Duke Zero Hour music? EVEN BETTER!
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Re: City Assault

Post by DeXiaZ »

Oh my...awesome work, damn it!
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Re: City Assault

Post by Ethril »

Pinned down by a Cyberdemon? Do they not know how to circlestrafe? :P
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Re: City Assault

Post by Vampocalypse »

I found 2 small design flaws though.

1. Immediately at the start if you go into the alley on the left you can hop onto the dumpster and over the wooden fence, trapping yourself behind it.
(already mentioned before but i felt it was worth mentioning again, cause i felt pretty silly when i did it) :mrgreen:

2. At the diner (or restaurant) you can walk on the ledge of the building and look over the big wooden fence, you can't go there but its pretty obvious that there's nothing there,
aesthetics wise it might be worth decorating it a bit more?

Awesome map though, I'm really enjoying it on SUPER HARD MODE! :D

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