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Re: Mortila.wad [BETA RELEASE]

Post by Whoah »

ceriux wrote:hey guys i dragged the pk3 file over gzdoom and selected one of my doom wads and i get missing textures and sprites... also the color mapping seems to be all wrong? any help?
This mod is for HEXEN.WAD, not Doom
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Re: Mortila (HEXEN MOD) [BETA 2.66 RELEASED]

Post by BigProjectAlone »

Little update on Mortila, i know people think it's dead and i understand why. But it's not i can guarantee that. It just slowed down because of work and also my other projects took all my free time.

I still work on it from time to time and decided to make it a Stand alone game. I'm also considering the idea to sell it. I still dont know about this, what would you think if i ask money for it in the final release? What's your opinion on this. I will update everything with my own stuff. I already replaced all textures and half of the sounds. All enemies will see an update as well since i learned 3d modeling i will give them all new models. I already beginning that too. And some are already done. Like the maulotaur and the giant golems for exemple.

It will be a lot of work but at the end it will worth it! I still have work to do on each maps. But i updated some of them already.

I will try to release a new beta soon maybe this year i hope. I will post update here when the beta will be released.

Thank you!! And for now here's some fresh screenshots and pictures of the new models i've done so far:

Enemies gif:
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Re: Mortila (HEXEN MOD) [BETA 2.66 RELEASED]

Post by BROS_ETT_311 »

I mean, not speaking for everybody here, but if it turns out anything like your work with Dismantled then hell yeah take my money.

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