Hexercise v0.0.6: The coldest of the fixes

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Triple S
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Re: Hexercise v0.0.6: The coldest of the fixes

Post by Triple S »

Alexandra wrote:Using the widescreen patch (made by another user) I noticed the Warrior's left fist is cut off on both left and right. Will try without the wide patch to see how that affects things.
Make sure you're loading the patch last.
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Re: Hexercise v0.0.6: The coldest of the fixes

Post by PurpleRhino83 »

Not to resurrect this thread from slumer but the Fighter's left hand sprite is broken and it seems Nash's widepix that got officially adapted is the point of conflict. The user created widescreen patch posted on page 5 fixes the issue a bit but the left hand sprite is cut off at the wrist, as in the wrist bit doesn't appear, only the arm appears.

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