Krazy Kate! Adventures of Light & Darkness

Projects that have specifically been abandoned or considered "dead" get moved here, so people will quit bumping them. If your project has wound up here and it should not be, contact a moderator to have it moved back to the land of the living.
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Re: Krazy Kate! Adventures of Light & Darkness

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Ed the Bat wrote:
Captain Ventris wrote:Well you entirely forgot the obligatory Drunkenness indicator in your tweets!
Kinda sounds to me like he's still drunk right now. :|

Naaah. I'm never happy when drunk. This is why I don't GET drunk anymore. However, I did break this topic to be as off-topic as ever.
I had to redeem myself. I just can't go around the nets with the thought of someone thinking I'm a huge butt-face. I'm not a butt-face!

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