Cosmetic Doom 1.8 is up!

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Re: Cosmetic Doom 1.8 is up!

Post by StroggVorbis »

I love that Cosmetic Doom has fitting sounds for jumping and lethal falls. I use Sound Caulking normally for vanilla playthroughs or everything else that doesn't override the stock ones and it always bugged me that these two sounds were left out. Being able to discern every monster from another is nice though!

Excited to try out the new release. Had problems with 1.7.5 and earlier GZDoom versions where the game would lock up after loading a saved game. Let's find out if these are one now :D

Edit: Just noticed my old post on the previous page :P
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Re: Cosmetic Doom 1.8 is up!

Post by 1solated »

Cosmetic Doom is one of the best Doom enhancement mods bar-none, low amount of bugs and relatively easy to add-on to.

The only gripe I really have with it is the damage values of the weapons themselves. Many weapons (mainly the shotgun, ssg, fists) seem to do way too much damage overall. Chaingunners and imps, for example, go down in one regular shotgun blast reliably which makes the game a bit too easy. If anybody knows how to correct this to their original vanilla values, this mod would be pretty much perfect.

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