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Re: d.WAD

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Is that from your system? ie has Steam created a d.wad on your machine too? If so, I guess it's just what Steam does. Also, I get the same MD5 checksum for my copy of Ultimate Doom.wad so it looks like it's just a normal 1.9 doom.wad.
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Re: d.WAD

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I guess it's just a mistake from the guys who packaged the games for Steam. There's no such redundant file in the other Dooms nor in Heretic and Hexen.
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Re: d.WAD

Post by Hellser »

On the good side.. he has a back up?

Re: d.WAD

Post by Bumpa »

To anyone who Googled these two filenames, wound-up here, but could not get a clear answer because of the arguing and speculation:

Yes, the 'd.WAD' and 'DOOM.WAD' files packaged with the Steam version of Ultimate Doom are 100% identical to each other. There is no difference between them at all, and it doesn't matter which one you use.

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