Particle Fire Enhancer Mod (v0.8)

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Re: Particle Fire Enhancer Mod (v0.8)

Post by StraightWhiteMan »

Sorry to bump the thread, but here is an edited version I've been messing around with if anyone is interested. I've been trying to learn about doom modding/coding and used this mod as a starting off point, so forgive me if there are aspects that could better. This version is ONLY the decorations portion of the original PFE, but I did include a version with the item FX as well. I want to also include the enemy FX, but haven't figured out how to make them universal yet, if that's even possible which I'm sure it is. I'm also currently making this compatible with "Universal Map Enhancements" which I should be wrapped up with soon. Please enjoy, as this can now be used with pretty much any other mod (almost).

All credit goes to Z86 (PFE & SBrightmaps), Nash (gore mod, better bullet decals), NightFright & contributors (SBrightmaps Complete), Cryonaut (CBVFXS4GZD), & m8f (better map arrow). ... sp=sharing

changes I remember making:

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