[Action Doom 2] Zombie Map Performance Patch

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[Action Doom 2] Zombie Map Performance Patch

Post by Nash »

Performance Patch for Action Doom 2 Zombie Map

by Nash Muhandes

This is a simple patch that attempts to reduce lag in the zombie map during long sessions. It does this by removing the corpses after a certain amount of time has passed, and only when no one is looking so you won't see the corpses vanish in front of you.

Feel free to use and distribute as you see fit!

Requires Action Doom 2 and bonus.wad loaded.

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Re: [Action Doom 2] Zombie Map Performance Patch

Post by SamVision »

Oh wow this is great! I remember massive lag when I played the zombie map on AD2, it was very annoying ._.
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Re: [Action Doom 2] Zombie Map Performance Patch

Post by Scuba Steve »

Yeah... I was going to have the bodies fade away... buuuut I forgot.

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