HacX 1.2

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Re: HacX 1.2

Post by Gez »

Look at the minimum revision number listed in the [wiki]IWAD[/wiki] article for Hacx support.
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Re: HacX 1.2

Post by DoomsdayOdd »

ah. im using r2508.

How do you get the latest revision?
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Re: HacX 1.2

Post by NeuralStunner »

DoomsdayOdd wrote:How do you get the latest revision?
Downloads are here: http://svn.drdteam.org/
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Re: HacX 1.2

Post by VGA »

Why am I seeing wrong key colors in the HUD ? The messages are correct. Running in ZDoom with nothing extra added. I think it's like this in all maps.

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