Begining of 3D floors [continue needed]

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Re: Begining of 3D floors [continue needed]

Post by Shadelight »

cq75 wrote:This is awesome, I hope this gets put into skulltag when you guys get it working :)
But that'll take more than 10 years! :P
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Re: Begining of 3D floors [continue needed]

Post by kgsws-CZ »

Oh no, bump. I hope i did not do anything bad.

I have new idea.
GZDoom must have extra sorting system, counting with 3D floors, mid walls and sprites to draw translucent polygons in correct order, this sorting can't be done using Z-Buffer (as i know). I even noticed that GZDoom split sprites in view to fit every part into each 3D floor (so it can draw each part at different time).

I have not checked GZDoom code (and i don't know if i will), but is it possible to port GZDoom's sorting to ZDoom, so Z-buffer will not be used at all?

This is just idea, based on ... well nothing. I might try it, maybe. It will be easier if i get some more info how GZDoom sorts translucent walls/floors/sprites, so don't need to search it in sources.

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