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Mighty Duck X-treme wrote:Deepsea 11.2 (I dislike WadAuthor)
Biff's advice is good stuff. Convert your Doom2.wad to a Zdoom-Hexen format one, make sure you are using the zdoom-hexen project and that your converted wad is set as the IWAD for the project. You'll find the conversion program in this zip

DeePsea 11.2 is quite old (the current version is 11.77) so I don't know how good the following advice will be.

If you hit F6 (in recent DeePsea versions at least) you get the script editing dialogue (this dialogue also deals with other special lumps - eg MAPINFO).

There is an edit script button that calls up your text editor and loads your script.

There is a compile button that will run DeePsea's own compiler (DeePACC) or optionally any other compiler you specify.

There is a save behavior button. This takes the .o file and puts in in your WAD as the behavior lump. That sounds like the stage you have been missing so far.

There are also options for edit and auto compile and compile and autosave which you can use.

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