Support for GZDoom skyboxes

These are not rejected - but are not considered highly important right now.

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Support for GZDoom skyboxes

Post by phi108 »

So now I bring it into the correct forum: The ability for ZDoom to automatically support GZDoom's GL skyboxes.

In my GZDoom skybox set thread, I gave the following steps to do it manually:

"-Build a 512x512x512 setor
-put a skybox viewpoint halfway up
-name the textures of the sides the same names as the PNG lumps (D1S1_N, D1S1_E)
-and name the floors the top and bottom PNGs (D1S1_B, D1S1_T)
-and put the light level at 255
-and make sure the sector is on a 512x512 grid from with the origin (0,0) of the map."

This displays the skyboxes exactly the same as GZDoom, except in 8-bit.

Now, if it currently isn't possible for ZDoom to do this automatically, will it ever be possible?
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Re: Support for GZDoom skyboxes

Post by randi »

I will probably do this at some point, simply because it can allow for skyboxes in existing maps.
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Re: Support for GZDoom skyboxes

Post by Graf Zahl »

Bumping this old suggestion, because some mappers try to hack around this by creating poor substitutes with the SkyViewpoint, so it may actually help prevent some ugly maps.
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Re: Support for GZDoom skyboxes

Post by Nash »

Sorry :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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