[CONTRIBUTIONS] The Community Beastiary (on hold!)

Projects that have specifically been abandoned or considered "dead" get moved here, so people will quit bumping them. If your project has wound up here and it should not be, contact a moderator to have it moved back to the land of the living.
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Re: [CONTRIBUTIONS] The Community Beastiary (no discussion here)

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Yeah, I am definitely by far too busy with work and Stronghold right now so don't expect me to concentrate on this. I will add the useful monsters in the [CONTRIBUTIONS] thread up to the ceiling cannon but that's all for now. Beyond, the lately posted monsters - at least most of them - aren't anything special (simple sprite recolors, boring DECORATE), so I think it makes sense to stop this for a while until people think different again, try things out and come up with something unique, you know.

To make things short:
Contributions are closed for now until unique and special things are posted that aren't already present in the database (e.g. very good sprite edits & interestingly different decorate behaviour)

Torm :cheers:

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