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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Rodoomer »

Jaja ase unas semanas yo intente crear una versión de BRUTAL Doom V20 cambiando los sprites por enemigos de changed un juego peludo que simplemente me desagradó y yo y unos amigos lo intentamos pero de todos modos fracasamos...

A día de hoy no pienso volver al proyecto y si esto sirve de inspiración para alguien que si este dispuesto adelante.


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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Koto »

A mod based on the Duke Nukem universe, but set in europe during the WW2.

Tentative name "Duke it Out in Deutschland".
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Captain J »

Sounds feasible considering Duke did the time travelling thing at the very first and later in Time to Kill. Wouldn't hurt to see Duke entering the era where the sun explodes and trying to save the whole universe(full of babes).

So, i'm currently enjoy watching Spelunky 2 stream vids because variety is one serious fun thing that never gets old! Someone already talked about this but i've been thinking, did anyone ever plan of making map randomizing roguelike doom TC? And nah, not just about randomizing props or enemies. I talking about each commendable tile forming the whole floor, inside the giant box map, all able to shift form into walls, rooms or pitfalls via randomly generated scripts. It's hard to explain with extra detail but think about other games like The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, UnderMine and Enter the Gungeon.
Spoiler: Also wanna mention The Alfonzone but major spoilers
I'm certainly not a professional mapper myself. But it would hella be amazing to see if such TC like i spitballed right now is already planned or even released!

EDIT: Reinforced my explanations much more so you can know what i meant. I hope
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Artman2004 »

I've been thinking about a mod based on Blade.

The weapons you'd get would based on the one seen in the films: katana, spinning blades, UV grenades, SMGs, and shotguns. There could also be new weapons like an arm-mounted flamethrower, or a crossbow that can shoot stakes or EDTA darts.

You start out fighting normal vampires and familiars, and encounter increasingly powerful vampires until fighting bosses, which could be villains from the films. Hell, you could even toss in Morbius if needed.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by DeeDeeOZ »

I really want someone to remake/reimagine Fragport (unless it has been done already and I'm oblivious) its such a good solid level set but is let down by older textures, its by no means bad but with some more polish it would be amazing. has the right amount of real space/doom space thats hard to get right.
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Mapping challenge idea

Post by NickDoom »

We did "10 textures challenge", "10 sectors challenge", "2 sectors challenge"…
I suggest "Million paths challenge": maps which can be completed at least 1 000 000 different ways.
Technically, even two boxes counts, if you can exit the first box through one of 100 doors, walk to the second box by one of 100 streets and enter the second box thru one of 100 doors (assuming some doors and streets are easier to pass, so there are 100 different doors and streets). 100x100x100 = 1000000 different paths to finish the level. But this map scores 0 points, of course.
I mean highly-tactical map like "D1 Pandemonium on steroids", or maybe like "CRAPi without puzzles" (or with if you want, but they are not necessary), or "sandbox map" which requires several attempts to complete.
Speaking about balance: if you bring full weapons/ammo set from the previous level, you probably can complete the map without difficult tactical solutions. If you begin it from scratch, you probably have only one way (as long as your skill level matches your actual skills), using all possible "monster infightings", disarming ambush areas from behind etc. (not to mention "searching for better weapon first"). If you want 100% kills from scratch, you'll also need to find most secrets. These are criteria for the perfectly balanced difficulty, so don't take them too seriously.
Typical tactical solutions look like "find Inv sphere in the far corner of the map, don't alert Cyberdemon, clear the path to the teleport, grab the sphere and quickly run to the teleport which leads to Cyberdemon, unless you want to circle-strafe him".
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Post by Jareth247 »

Dumb question but could a Borderlands-style mod work, preferably with a similar loot system and RPG elements? I know that the RPG elements from Borderlands (player classes, levelling up, skill trees, objectives) have been done in Doom mods before and I think I've seen elements akin to Borderlands' loot system before in DoomRPG or another mod whose name I'm blanking on.

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