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Post by Zippy »

HotWax wrote:If we start nazi-modding every thread that begins to veer off course, we'd lose out on a lot of potentially enlightening and useful conversations.
Completely agreed. Even disregarding the good times that have been had in topics which have innocently gone off topic, I think off topicness is really only a problem under circumstances such as someone intentionally driving the thread off topic for the explicit purpose of being annoying or disruptive, or there is a reasonable strong push by participators or the original poster of the thread to keep the thread on topic. Heck, in the latter case, simply moving the off topic discussion to a new thread created for it is the more appropriate response, rather than some kind of punishment.

As for pk3's... Yeah... I was going to say... Slower? I really may have to question the equipment that is being used by some people. I can take KDiZD's pk3 (24 MB) and a mp3 music replacement zip (37 MB) and load them together into ZDoom (total 61 MB of data) and it's finished loading and running no later than a second and a half after starting, at the absolute slowest. Even if that were some kind of slowness being added to that, it would be so negligibly small as to be absurd to even be bothered by it.
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Post by nick112147 »

PK3 is such a clean file format to, BUT I swear I cannot get zdoom to read the new pk3 instead of the damned wad. I am thinking this is because the entire engine is build upon the wad format. I think it would be like taking out all of a humans major organs and replacing them. He might have new parts, but he was dead before you even got started on taking out the lungs. Sick comparisson but I couldnt think of anything else.

Edit: Okay after using the exact routine the source used to load zdoom.pk3, I was able to delete DECOREATE.lmp from the wad and have it load from wolf3d.pk3. So now it seems to partialy load wolf3d.pk3 and all of zdoom.pk3. In order to test it out, I deleted the graphic lump M_DOOM from the wad and added it to the new pk3. Well after getting aggravated I pasted a copy of M_DOOM.bmp in every directory of the new pk3(which is basicaly the zdoom wad with only the directories left). Why will it load decorate but not the graphic lump? I tried going between all uppercase and all lowercase, but to no avail.
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Post by Enjay »

IIRC, Zdoom does not read BMPs (don't get confused by putting "BMP's" into a WAD because they usually get converted to Doom format by the WAD managing tool when you do so).

Also, you're not trying to replace the IWAD (eg doom2.wad) with a PK3 are you? I don't think IWADs can be read from PK3s.

PK3s my ass. They're ZIP files. Let's call a spade a spade.
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Post by nick112147 »

Enjay, Your post was probably the most enlightening post I have read all day! I made sure I saved the bmps as lmps as well, but as you said, pk3s/zips cannot replace IWAD's. Well I just wasted about two days on trying to do just that. I was trying to replace the IWAD with a 'pk3'.
Oh well, nothing much I can do. As I said before, the IWAD stuff is so integrated into the source, you cut one string and three other strings break. In that case I will begin working on other things inside the source! But first I will have to start with some fresh source code, I butchered my original extraction of the source. Anyway, thanks for letting me know Enjay, you probably saved me a weeks worth of headaches.
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Post by nick112147 »

ZWolf has been released. It is available at http://zwolf.uni.cc

Note that it is somewhat bare bones the moment. For now, I made the foundation, it is up to you to build the house as big or as small as you want it. When I release my game using ZWolf, people can and should use that as a basis for their game, if they aren't into starting from scratch. I just think starting from scratch makes the experience of making a game much more enlightening.
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Post by Ryan Cordell »

Looks like fun just from looking at the screenshots. I might try it out soon. :3

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