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Post by Nanami »

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script 1 ENTER
 HudMessage(s:"Health: ",d:CheckInventory("Health");0,0,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.5,0);
 HudMessage(s:"Armor: ",d:CheckInventory("Armor");0,1,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.525,0);
 HudMessage(s:"Bullets: ",d:CheckInventory("Clip");0,2,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.55,0);
 HudMessage(s:"Shells: ",d:CheckInventory("Shell");0,3,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.575,0);
 HudMessage(s:"Rockets: ",d:CheckInventory("RocketAmmo");1,4,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.6,0);
 HudMessage(s:"Cells: ",d:CheckInventory("Cell");0,5,CR_GREEN,0.0,0.625,0);
The health value will always show 100. Is it just reading the max health value? Or is it broken? Do I need to do something else to read health?

Also, is there any way to read what kind of armor type the player is wearing? It'd be nice to do a check inventory and display ammo type in blue (or whatever) if it's type 2, for custom huds.
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Post by cccp_leha »

Woulnd't you use getActorProperty(0, APROP_HEALTH) to get the current health? As far as the second one is concerned: IIRC, the armor displays green if it's <= 100%, and blue if it's > 100%; special case being that it is still shown as blue if you go from above 100% to below 100%, after which if a green armor is picked up, it goes back to green. So you can have a check in the script along those lines. So it would... Oh shit, school is being closed due to snow, brb :)
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Post by randi »

The problem is not with CheckInventory("Health") but with your script. You don't give the health HUD message an ID (because 0 is not an ID), so each tic, a new message is created for it and drawn underneath the first one. So the message showing your current health gets covered up by the message showing your health when you started the level.

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